What is Gatecrash Ang Bao Market Rates

Few tips to remember when it comes to Gatecrashing Ang Bao, especially if you are the groom or a brother gatecrashing a wedding. The Gatecrash ang bao is a common practise in Singapore so it is important to go there prepare with a game plan …

  1. First, find out how many sisters they have? As these amount is shared between them. Lesser the better for you.
  2. Decide on how much you plan to give, set a budget from it, normally the first few ang bao will not be successful
  3. If you decide to give $28, $128, $288 … then pack it before you go. Those are your blank shots.
  4. Assign someone to be charged of this ang bao, you cannot handle everything by yourself that day. You need to assign someone to be in-charged of the money and ang bao.
  5. Go prepare with multiple of $2, $10 and $50. Pack them separately as backup
  6. Bring multiple red packets

Few more important tips

  1. Do not go too early especially if there is a mandatory time for you to go in
  2. Bargain hard

Market Rates is between $288 to $1088