Wedding Ang Bao Rates 2018

If you are wondering how much you need to pack for an upcoming wedding in 2018, check out the latest break-even point for your wedding host below. On how we come out with the wedding ang bao rates below, we take the total cost per table after factoring the service charges and GST and then divide by the number of the pax per table. For example if the per table cost is SGD$1000 after GST and service charges and the number of pax per table is 10. The breakeven point will be $100.

There are a few things you need to take note on the assumptions take :

  • Our per table price is based on the lowest possible wedding banquet packages. Most of hotel have a few packages prices, some these packages cost more as it has a more premier food menu or more perks.  The table reflect the lowest possible wedding banquet package.
  • We are not able to consider other costs that your wedding host incur for such as wedding MC, wedding live bands, Instant Printing Photo Booth, pop corns, muslim pax and other form of entertainment
  • The following prices are subject to changes, wedding banquet prices increase yearly and it may also go thru a few round of changes. Typically the price increase after the lunar new year. That is say, if you sign up for your wedding banquet package in Dec 2017 and sign up early 2018 for your wedding in 2018, the prices may be different. Chances are you will be paying lesser in 2017 so it is always good to sign up early.

If you feel that the rates stated below are wrong, please email us at [email protected] If your wedding venues is not listed below and would like us to include so that your guest know how to ang bao to pack, especially for unqiue wedding venues , please email us the details.

UPDATED! Click Here to check out the Wedding Ang Bao Rates for 2019


Ah Yat Seafood RestaurantMon - Thu5757
Ah Yat Seafood RestaurantFri - Sun5757
Amara Sanctuary Resort SentosaMon - Thu139139
Amara Sanctuary Resort SentosaFriday174197
Amara Sanctuary Resort SentosaSat - Sun174197
Amara SingaporeMon - Thu122134
Amara SingaporeFri - Sun134146
Andaz SingaporeMon - Thu00
Andaz SingaporeFriday0220
Andaz SingaporeSat - Sun181232
Andaz SingaporeSunday0220
Ban Heng PavilionMon - Thu5959
Ban Heng PavilionFri - Sun6666
Capella SingaporeMon - Thu199222
Capella SingaporeFri - Sun199222
Carlton Hotel SingaporeMon - Thu118129
Carlton Hotel SingaporeFri - Sun118129
Carlton Hotel SingaporeSat - Sun00
CHIJMES Hall SingaporeMon - Thu153153
CHIJMES Hall SingaporeFriday176176
CHIJMES Hall SingaporeSaturday188188
CHIJMES Hall SingaporeSunday176176
Concorde Hotel SingaporeMon - Thu107113
Concorde Hotel SingaporeFri - Sun107128
Concorde Hotel SingaporeSaturday0140
Concorde Hotel SingaporeSunday0128
Conrad Centennial Singapore (Table of 12 for Dinner)Mon - Fri144146
Conrad Centennial Singapore (Table of 12 for Dinner)Sat - Sun144166
Copthorne King's Hotel SingaporeMon - Thu0105
Copthorne King's Hotel SingaporeFri - Sun105116
Crowne Plaza Changi AirportMon - Thu120107
Crowne Plaza Changi AirportFri 120134
Crowne Plaza Changi AirportSat - Sun120146
Faber Peak SingaporeMon - Thu106139
Faber Peak SingaporeFri - Sun115151
Fairmont Singapore and Swissôtel The StamfordMon - Thu116128
Fairmont Singapore and Swissôtel The StamfordFri - Sun116152
Fairmont Singapore and Swissôtel The StamfordSaturday0163
Fairmont Singapore and Swissôtel The StamfordSunday0158
FOO'D by Davide OldaniMon - Thu104162
FOO'D by Davide OldaniFri - Sun104162
Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, RiverviewMon - Thu105122
Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, RiverviewFri - Sun116134
Four Seasons Hotel SingaporeMon - Thu154154
Four Seasons Hotel SingaporeFri - Sun154175
Four Seasons Hotel SingaporeSaturday0181
Four Seasons Hotel SingaporeSunday0175
Fu Lin Men @ Grand BanquetMon - Thu105110
Fu Lin Men @ Grand BanquetFri - Sun105110
Fu Lin Men @ Hotel RE!Mon - Thu105110
Fu Lin Men @ Hotel RE!Fri - Sun105110
Fu Lin Men @ Raffles Country ClubMon - Thu105110
Fu Lin Men @ Raffles Country ClubFri - Sun105110
Furama City Centre SingaporeMon - Thu101113
Furama City Centre SingaporeFri - Sun101113
Furama City Centre SingaporeSat - Sun0125
Furama RiverFront, SingaporeMon - Thu105107
Furama RiverFront, SingaporeFri - Sun10595
Furama RiverFront, SingaporeSaturday109111
Furama RiverFront, SingaporeSunday105100
Genting Hotel JurongMon - Thu8890
Genting Hotel JurongFri - Sun88100
Goodwood Park HotelMon - Thu158158
Goodwood Park HotelFri - Sun158185
Goodwood Park HotelSaturday0190
Goodwood Park HotelSunday0185
Grand Copthorne Waterfront HotelMon - Thu140144
Grand Copthorne Waterfront HotelFri, Sun140162
Grand Copthorne Waterfront HotelSat140162
Grand Hyatt SingaporeMon - Thu169181
Grand Hyatt SingaporeFri - Sun169205
Grand Hyatt SingaporeSaturday0216
Grand Hyatt SingaporeSunday0205
Grand Mercure Singapore RoxyMon - Thu7479
Grand Mercure Singapore RoxyFri - Sun7989
Hilton SingaporeMon - Thu130146
Hilton SingaporeFri - Sun130163
Holiday Inn Singapore AtriumMon - Thu114126
Holiday Inn Singapore AtriumFri - Sun114126
Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City CentreMon - Thu116140
Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City CentreFri - Sun116163
Hotel Fort CanningMon - Thu116116
Hotel Fort CanningFri1390
Hotel Fort CanningSaturday139166
Hotel Fort CanningSunday139154
Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore by Shangri-LaMon - Thu106107
Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore by Shangri-LaFri - Sun106134
iFly Singapore Sky GardenMon - Thu174174
iFly Singapore Sky GardenFri - Sun174174
InterContinental SingaporeMon - Thu155155
InterContinental SingaporeFri - Sun155199
InterContinental SingaporeSaturday00
InterContinental SingaporeSunday00
JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South BeachMon - Thu197210
JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South BeachFri - Sun197210
JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South BeachSaturday197222
JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South BeachSunday197210
Le Meridien Singapore, Sentosa (fomerly Movenpick)Mon - Thu199199
Le Meridien Singapore, Sentosa (fomerly Movenpick)Fri - Sun199222
Lijiang Restaurant by YunnanMon - Thu6161
Lijiang Restaurant by YunnanFri - Sun6161
LingZhi Vegetarian (Liat Towers)Mon - Thu5050
LingZhi Vegetarian (Liat Towers)Fri - Sun5050
LingZhi Vegetarian (Velocity – Novena Square)Mon - Thu5050
LingZhi Vegetarian (Velocity – Novena Square)Fri - Sun5050
M HotelMon - Thu110122
M HotelFri - Sun110149
Mandarin Orchard SingaporeMon - Thu143142
Mandarin Orchard SingaporeSat143180
Mandarin Orchard SingaporeFri, Sun143172
Mandarin Oriental SingaporeMon - Thu153152
Mandarin Oriental SingaporeFri - Sun153181
Mandarin Oriental SingaporeSaturday159194
Mandarin Oriental SingaporeSunday0185
Marina Bay SandsMon - Thu122152
Marina Bay SandsFri - Sun122152
Marina Bay SandsSaturday0163
Marina Bay SandsSunday0152
Marina MandarinMon - Fri12593
Marina MandarinSat - Sun125147
Novotel Singapore on StevensMon - Fri127127
Novotel Singapore on StevensSat - Sun127162
Novotel Singapore Clarke QuayMon - Thu114120
Novotel Singapore Clarke QuayFri - Sun114138
One Farrer Hotel & SpaMon - Thu140163
One Farrer Hotel & SpaFri - Sun140163
ONE°15 Marina ClubMon - Thu10997
ONE°15 Marina ClubFri - Sun109122
ONE°15 Marina ClubSaturday0128
ONE°15 Marina ClubSunday0122
Orchard Hotel SingaporeMon - Thu122122
Orchard Hotel SingaporeFri - Sun122163
Orchard Hotel SingaporeSunday0152
Orchid Country ClubMon - Thu93105
Orchid Country ClubFri - Sun95112
Pan Pacific Orchard, SingaporeMon - Thu121146
Pan Pacific Orchard, SingaporeFri - Sun128158
Pan Pacific SingaporeMon - Thu0146
Pan Pacific SingaporeFriday0169
Pan Pacific SingaporeSat - Sun146187
Pan Pacific SingaporeSunday0169
Park Hotel Alexandra (Solemnization Package)Mon - Thu8193
Park Hotel Alexandra (Solemnization Package)Fri - Sun8193
PARKROYAL on Beach RoadMon - Thu126128
PARKROYAL on Beach RoadFri - Sun126146
PARKROYAL on Beach RoadSaturday0158
PARKROYAL on Beach RoadSunday0146
PARKROYAL on Kitchener RoadMon - Thu8298
PARKROYAL on Kitchener RoadFri - Sun82105
PARKROYAL on PickeringMon - Fri152116
PARKROYAL on PickeringSat - Sun152187
Peach Garden @ Changi Airport T2Mon - Thu9393
Peach Garden @ Changi Airport T2Fri - Sun9393
Peach Garden @ Hotel MiramarMon - Thu8698
Peach Garden @ Hotel MiramarFri - Sun8698
Peach Garden @ Hotel MiramarSat - Sun0109
Peach Garden @ NTUMon - Thu5555
Peach Garden @ NTUFri - Sun5555
Peach Garden @ OCBC CentreMon - Thu0108
Peach Garden @ OCBC CentreFriday0120
Peach Garden @ OCBC CentreSat - Sun1080
Peach Garden @ Orchid Country ClubMon - Thu9494
Peach Garden @ Orchid Country ClubFri - Sun94109
Peach Garden @ Orchid Country ClubSat - Sun00
Peach Garden @ The MetropolisMon - Thu9393
Peach Garden @ The MetropolisFri - Sun9393
Peach Garden @ Thomson PlazaMon - Thu5959
Peach Garden @ Thomson PlazaFriday9494
Peach Garden @ Thomson PlazaSat - Sun00
Peninsula.Excelsior HotelMon - Thu8793
Peninsula.Excelsior HotelFri - Sun93105
Peony Jade at Clarke QuayMon - Thu95105
Peony Jade at Clarke QuayFri - Sun95105
Peony Jade at Keppel ClubMon - Thu95105
Peony Jade at Keppel ClubFri - Sun95105
Prima Tower Revolving RestaurantMon - Thu5757
Prima Tower Revolving RestaurantFri - Sun5757
Qian Xi Bliss GardenMon - Thu7070
Qian Xi Bliss GardenFri - Sun7070
Qian Xi Blossom GardenMon - Thu7070
Qian Xi Blossom GardenFri - Sun7070
Qian Xi Bountiful GardenMon - Thu6868
Qian Xi Bountiful GardenFri - Sun6868
Qian Xi Carpenter StreetMon - Thu7070
Qian Xi Carpenter StreetFri - Sun7070
Qian Xi Farrer ParkMon - Thu6868
Qian Xi Farrer ParkFri - Sun6868
Qian Xi Hilltop GardenMon - Thu7070
Qian Xi Hilltop GardenFri - Sun7070
Qian Xi Joy GardenMon - Thu7070
Qian Xi Joy GardenFri - Sun7070
Qian Xi Paya LebarMon - Thu6868
Qian Xi Paya LebarFri - Sun6868
Qian Xi Summer GardenMon - Thu7070
Qian Xi Summer GardenFri - Sun7070
Raffles HotelMon - Thu00
Raffles HotelFri - Sun00
Ramada Singapore at Zhongshan ParkMon - Thu102116
Ramada Singapore at Zhongshan ParkFri - Sun102128
Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons HotelMon - Thu143146
Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons HotelFriday143146
Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons HotelSat143166
Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons HotelSun143166
Rendezvous Hotel Singapore by Far East HospitalityMon - Thu116128
Rendezvous Hotel Singapore by Far East HospitalityFri - Sun116128
Resorts World Sentosa, S.E.A. AquariumMon - Thu0222
Resorts World Sentosa, S.E.A. AquariumFri - Sun0222
Resorts World Sentosa, SingaporeMon - Thu128163
Resorts World Sentosa, SingaporeFri - Sun128163
Royal Plaza on ScottsMon - Thu140140
Royal Plaza on ScottsFri - Sun140140
Seletar Country ClubMon - Thu7385
Seletar Country ClubFri - Sat8989
Seletar Country ClubSunday7385
Serangoon Gardens Country ClubMon - Thu8383
Serangoon Gardens Country ClubFri - Sun8989
Shangri-La HotelMon - Thu175187
Shangri-La HotelFri - Sun175210
Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort & SpaMon - Thu118129
Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort & SpaFri - Sun141155
Sheraton Towers SingaporeMon -Fri146146
Sheraton Towers SingaporeSat - Sun146175
Shin YehMon - Thu6161
Shin YehFri - Sun6464
Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza HotelMon - Thu148148
Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza HotelFri - Sun148187
Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & SpaMon - Thu188196
Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & SpaFri - Sun188210
Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & SpaSaturday0213
Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & SpaSunday0210
Swissôtel Merchant Court SingaporeMon - Thu128119
Swissôtel Merchant Court SingaporeFri - Sun128156
Swissôtel Merchant Court SingaporeSaturday0168
Swissôtel Merchant Court SingaporeSunday0156
Temasek ClubMon - Thu8793
Temasek ClubFri - Sun99105
The Clifford Pier @ The Fullerton Bay HotelMon - Thu292292
The Clifford Pier @ The Fullerton Bay HotelFri - Sun292292
The Fullerton Hotel SingaporeMon - Thu149166
The Fullerton Hotel SingaporeFriday149166
The Fullerton Hotel SingaporeSat - Sun0195
The Joyden HallMon - Thu085
The Joyden HallFri - Sun0106
The Ritz Carlton, Millenia SingaporeMon - Thu187221
The Ritz Carlton, Millenia SingaporeFri - Sun187221
The St. Regis SingaporeMon - Thu0187
The St. Regis SingaporeFri - Sun0187
The St. Regis SingaporeSaturday174234
The St. Regis SingaporeSunday0222
The Westin SingaporeMon - Thu0175
The Westin SingaporeFri - Sun0187
The Westin SingaporeSaturday163199
The Westin SingaporeSunday0187
Tim PalaceMon - Thu6363
Tim PalaceFri - Sun6363
Tung Lok HeenMon - Thu115115
Tung Lok HeenFri - Sun115115
Tung Lok Seafood (Orchard Central)Mon - Thu6363
Tung Lok Seafood (Orchard Central)Fri - Sun6363
Tung Lok Seafood (Upper Jurong)Mon - Thu6363
Tung Lok Seafood (Upper Jurong)Fri - Sun6363
Tung Lok Signatures (Orchard Parade)Mon - Thu9191
Tung Lok Signatures (Orchard Parade)Friday9191
Tung Lok Signatures (Orchard Parade)Sat - Sun9999
Tung Lok Signatures (The Central)Mon - Thu9393
Tung Lok Signatures (The Central)Fri - Sun9393
Village Hotel Changi by Far East HospitalityMon - Thu9395
Village Hotel Changi by Far East HospitalityFri - Sun9395
Village Hotel Changi by Far East HospitalitySat - Sun0107
Village Hotel Katong by Far East HospitalityMon - Fri98102
Village Hotel Katong by Far East HospitalitySat - Sun98113
W Singapore - Sentosa CoveMon - Thu175169
W Singapore - Sentosa CoveFri - Sun175187
W Singapore - Sentosa CoveSaturday0214
W Singapore - Sentosa CoveSunday0190
YÀN 宴Mon - Thu116116
YÀN 宴Fri - Sun116116
York HotelMon - Thu101101
York HotelFri - Sun101111