Wedding Ang Bao Market Rate in Singapore

What is the Current Wedding Ang Bao Market Rate? That is a common question ask when you are planning a wedding or attending one. The general rule is always to pack in order the wedding couple to recover the cost. What determine the ang bao market rate usually depend on where you hold your wedding? Is it super luxury hotel like Capella or St Regis or normal four stars hotel like Furama Riverfront. Is in a chinese restaurant like Peony-Jade or just a normal buffet reception. Following is guideline on the ang bao market rate based on the venue:

Super Luxury Hotels
St Regis and Capella are highly regarded as 6 stars hotel in Singapore so the Ang bao is normally higher compared to other 5 stars hotel in Singapore

Market Rate : $150 and above (dinner banquet)

The Sandwiched class between Super Luxury and five stars
There is a sandwiched class which is not as good as the super luxury hotel but slightly above the five stars hotel and these include hotels like Fullerton, Four Seasons, Shangri la, Ritz-Carlton etc.

Market Rate : $130 -$140 and above (dinner banquet)

Five Stars hotel
Common and popular five stars include Conrad, Goodwood Park, Marina Mandarin, Oriental, Hilton, Swissotel Merchant Court, Intercontinental.

Market Rate : $120 and above (dinner banquet)

Four Stars hotel
Park Royal Kitchener Road, Riverview hotel, Copthorne King, Holiday Inn Atrium, Furama Riverfront

Market Rate : $100 – $120 (dinner banquet)

Chinese Restaurant
The cost of wedding banquet per table for chinese restaurant like Tung Lok, Peony-Jae restaurant, Ban Heng, Yunan Garden, Peach Garden is normally cheaper than most hotel banquet

Market Rate : $80 -100

Exotic Wedding Venue like Outdoor, by the Sea, Colonial Buidling, Poolside
Holding wedding at such exotic places like Chjimes, Hort Park, Burkill Hall etc. is normally not cheap. There are many cost involved like catering, logistic, florist etc. Depending on the wedding venue, the Ang Pow rates can vary from $80 to $120.

Market Rate : $80 -120

Solemnisation Ceremony
Market Rate : $50 – $80

Church Wedding with Buffet
Market Rate : $50 -80

Other Factors to consider for hotel banquet

If Wedding Banquet is held on Weekdays – Reduce the rate by 15 -20% as It is cheaper to host a wedding banquet on weekdays,

If Wedding Banquet is Lunch instead of Dinner – Reduce the rate by 15 -20% as It is cheaper to do lunch than dinner banquet