Wedding Ang Bao for Brothers and Sisters

Any wedding in Singapore will never do without Brother or Sisters also known as XiongDi or Jiemei. Their roles in any wedding is to help out in anyway possible to make the couples wedding a smooth and pleasant one. From gatecrashing preparation for the sisters to being victims of gatecrashing tricks, they play a key role in the actual wedding day.

So is there an Ang Bao market rates for these important helpers? Let begin with such questions

  1. Who pay for the bridemaid dress? (if any)
  2. Who pay for the brother uniform? (if any)
  3. Who pay for the props for the gatecrashing games?
  4. How involved are the brothers and sisters?
  5. How many hours they spend helping you prepare the wedding even before the actual day?
  6. How much they spend on cab to come to your place early?
  7. How much petrol they spend ferrying people around during your actual day?
  8. If they Emcee for you (remember to pack another ang bao)
  9. … etc etc.

Giving Ang Bao is never a mandatory thing but it is important to compensate your friends accordingly. Some people say anything between $50 to $100 should be fine but the truth is there is never a market rates when it comes to measuring friendship.