The “Real” Wedding Ang Bao Rates

Here at, we often get emails from hotels and couples reminding us that the rates we publish is wrong and that we should update to the by using the latest wedding banquet price list. You see that is the pitfall that result in most paying more that you should be packing for wedding ang bao when attending a wedding dinner. Why do we say that? Let us explain below …

Hotel and restaurant normally update wedding banquet price list during the first quarter of every each year. The wedding banquet prices is normally up and never down. Comparing the banquet rates between 2015 and 2016, there is an increased of 5 to 10%. For some hotel that already have 2017 rates, it is up by another 5 to 10%.

When it comes to booking of wedding banquet, Singaporean tend to be being extremely kiasu. Couples normally booked their wedding banquet as early as one to even two years to secure the dates that they want. Some hotels do allow advance booking where they pay the current year wedding banquet rates for an advance date.

For example if I want to get married early 2018, I could be paying 2016 wedding banquet prices to hold my wedding in 2018. However when my guests attend my wedding, they won’t know when I booked my  wedding and whether I paying 2016, 2017 and 2018 rates for the wedding banquet dinner. My guest may use the 2018 wedding banquet prices for that hotel to derive the wedding ang bao rates which is  15 to 20% higher. This is typically what most people do. This explained if you book your wedding banquet early, you may benefit with your guest paying more ang bao than they should.