How much Ang Pow to give for church wedding?

A church wedding is normally a much less complex wedding event compared to hotel wedding banquet. In most cases, a church wedding is normally followed by a buffet within the church premises. In most cases, rental of the church premises is normally inexpensive and most of the cost will go to the catering for the buffet, the florist that decorate the church and church choir or singer. After considering all these cost, $50 per head in terms of ang pow is more than enough to cover the expenses for to hold the wedding in Church.

In some instances, some church wedding is followed by a wedding banquet in a nearby hotel or restaurants. In those cases, you should then follow the normal rates for each of the hotel or restaurants.

What if the church wedding ceremony ends without any buffet, you should always present the couple a token of appreciation. A small Ang Pow of $20.00 is a reasonable amount.