Chinese Wedding Cost in Singapore – How to breakeven

Holding a wedding in Singapore is never easy and inorder to make even or best make money out of the wedding banquet, you must ensure the ang pow you get in return per head is more than you pay for the wedding banquet. How are some tips that you may consider to adopt to ensure you breakeven

Rule #1 : Where you hold your wedding?
Hold your wedding at “traditional” wedding venue like a 4, 5 or 6 stars hotel is safest choice. You will never go wrong when it comes to doing your wedding in a hotel as the market rates defined for each hotel is more or less understood by the general public. There isn’t many hidden cost as well, for example if you pay $1,000 per table, that is normally what you pay. You do not pay extra. Unlike holding your wedding in other venue, where you have to pay for caters, florist, rental of chairs, rental fee of the wedding venue etc. It is hard for your guest to “guess” the ang pow market rates per head cost hence it is likely they may not get what is needed to breakeven in return

Rule #2 : Who you invite as your wedding guest?
Following explain who you should invite and not invite inorder not to lose money for your banquet

Relatives – There are two types of relatives, close relatives and relatives that you have not met for a long time. Closer relatives tender to pack more compared to distant relatives. You should also avoid inviting relatives with big family with many kids as some relative tend to pack lesser per head in such cases

Friends – Friends are those that you are going to make money out of your wedding banquet especially if there are close friends. What you should avoid is inviting friends you have not met for ages. You have not met them for the last 10 years and since they are not going to meet you for the next 10 year, they will not bother to reward you with a big ang bao. You should also try to avoid inviting partner. They have the tendency to back up in the last minute.

Colleagues – You should always invite current colleagues. They are going to meet you every day so there is no way they are giving lesser than necessary. Invite close ex-colleagues, they are ok.

Bosses – Needless to say this is a must unless you have a really stingy boss

Business partner – You must also invite all your clients and more importantly your supplier.

Bear in mind, it is likely that you are going to make more out of your colleagues, bosses, friends and business partners compared to relative. The general rule is at least 30% of those tables if you plan to break even.

Rule #3 : Get wedding helpers
There are many other ways to save cost for your wedding by outsourcing services to your friends instead of professional. For example get your friends to help with Emcee or wedding music band.