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Minimum Ang Bao Rates for Wedding in 2014

Following are the Minimum Ang Bao that you should prepare to fork out if you are attending your friends, relatives or colleagues in 2014.  Rates are calculated based on the wedding banquet prices and packages. This guide only serve as an estimate as banquet rates varies from restaurant to another and wedding banquet packages prices

Wedding Ang Bao Rates 2014

Following is a guide on the Wedding Ang Bao Rates for 2014 in Singapore. Preparing to go for a wedding soon. Make sure you pack enough for your wedding host. Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant Lunch Weekday (Mon-Thur): $120 Dinner Weekday (Mon-Thur): $120 Lunch Weekend (Fri-Sun): $120 Dinner Weekend (Fri-Sun): $120 Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant

Wedding Ang Bao Market Rates 2014

Are the wedding bao rates for 2014 going to be higher than 2013 or 2012? That is a common question you will ask, whether you are planning a wedding banquet next year or going to attend a wedding. Following are some key points that you may want to take note: If you packed a $100