Ang Pow Rates for Malay Wedding

First time invited for a Malay Wedding and not sure what is the market rates for Ang Pow? Following is guide to help you decide how much to pack.

1. How much money should I give when I attend a Malay wedding?

$50 is more than enough. More if close friend

2. How much does it cost to organise a Malay wedding?

Food cost per person is around $15-$25.
This exclude cost like Deco, DJ, Helpers, Sound system, rental of place etc..
A simple wedding cost around $15k cheapest to as high as $30k.

3. Can I use Chinese red Ang Pow packet instead of the ‘Malay green packets’?

Yes. that is not a big problem

4. Do I have to write my name on the packet?

Unlike chinese wedding, for malay wedding it is not necessary.

5. Do I have to give the red packet personally to the Bride and Groom?

There is normally a reception table, where there will be a box for your to drop your packets

6. Can I come to the Malay Wedding with my spouse/significant other/friend/sibling/parents to accompany me?

The invite/card will extend the invitation to you and your partner. It is best to check with the groom/bride in advance if it’s ok to bring someone with you.