Ang Bao Rates for Wedding Tea Ceremony

Following are some questions that were raised when it comes to ang bao rates for wedding tea ceremony. There is no right or wrong answers to the following questions but following are what that are commonly practiced.

What is the market rates for ang bao for tea ceremony?
Honestly there is no market rates for ang bao for tea ceremony. It is totally up to individual. You can give between $28 to $100 but most people claimed that the ang bao for tea ceremony is smaller than the wedding banquet dinner.

Can I substitute the ang bao with gifts?
Yes sometimes, seniors give jewelleries instead of ang bao during the tea ceremony

Do I still need to give ang bao for the wedding banquet at night since I give in the day already?
The answer to that is mostly yes. As explained above.

Do I give one or two ang bao during tea ceremony as it is me and my husband?
Normally two ang bao, each senior will give one ang bao each when they are being served but sometimes there are senior couples that give only one.

I was told that some seniors only give ang bao during tea ceremony and not during wedding banquet?
Yes but that it would mean that the ang bao will be a big one. Some relatives give their wedding banquet ang bao before the dinner, normally these ang bao are the bigger ones.

Who get to keep the ang bao, me or my parents?
Usually the newly wed get to keep the wedding ang bao for the tea ceremony

Following are more non-wedding ang bao related questions on the tea ceremony that you may find helpful

How is tea ceremony like?
Firstly, the newly wed will serve tea to the senior first. After that the newly wed will be served by the younger generation.

What is the order of the tea ceremony?
Some based on the seniority but others practise that the parents are the first to be served, it varies from family to family

grand-uncles and grand-aunties,
uncles and aunties,
elder brothers and sisters,
elder cousins

Will the newly wed be served tea by the junior generation?
Yes if you have nieces or nephew, they will serve you tea as well.

Do I need to kneel?
This also vary from family to family. If you are from a very traditional family, the newly wed may be required to kneel when they serve tea else bowing will be just fine. However if you are serving to a same generation, you are not required to kneel.

What are positions like during the tea ceremony?
The bride will stand to the right of the groom. The male elder being served will sit facing the bride. The female elder will sit facing the groom.