Ang Bao market rates for wedding banquet lunch?

There is growing trend of couples holding wedding lunches these days compared to the traditional dinner banquet. Whether you are planning to hold a wedding there or attending a wedding banquet lunch soon. Please read here first.

The feeling among the general public is that Ang Bao rates for lunch should be much cheaper compared than the traditional dinner banquet (even though it is not true). Most people know the rate for a four to five stars hotel in a wedding dinner banquet these days is normally $120 to $160 these days. That explain why when they are attending a wedding lunch, they tend to discount from those rates. I would say for the same class of hotel, if people is going to pay $120 to $160 for a dinner banquet, it is very likely that they will only to fork out $100 to $120 for a wedding lunch. I attended a good friend wedding lunch recently, he told me that some guest pack as low as $68. For him to break even, he needs at least $100.

Even though the prices for wedding lunch banquet has gone up, the mentality of your wedding guest has not changed. So think twice if you are planning to conduct a wedding lunch banquet.