Ang Bao market rate for outdoor wedding buffet

Ok you have been invited to a wedding buffet and not banquet. The main difference between a wedding buffet compared to a wedding banquet is you basically have to take your own food and you will not be served. Does that mean you pay less for the Ang Bao? The general consents is “Yes”. Wedding buffet is normally held at exotic places like an outdoor wedding venue like Hort Park or in a western restaurant. The problem with such places is there is no defined “Market rates” for Ang Bao.

Many people think that it is cheap to hold in such wedding venues but to be honest, holding at such exotic places are not necessary cheap. For example if you are holding in an outdoor venue, you not only have to pay for the buffet, you also have to pay for the logistic, florist, the chairs, the rental of the venues etc. That can work out to almost $120 – 150 per pax.

Depending on the wedding venue, rates can varies from as well low as $60 per person to $160.