How much Ang bao to give for Wedding lunch 2019

Many wedding couples have written to us indicating that by just deriving the wedding lunch ang bao rates by using the cheapest wedding package in 2019 is unfair to those who have chosen a more expensive wedding. To take heed of their request, we have decided to list both the cheapest and most expensive wedding

The “Break-Even” Ang Bao Rates for Wedding in 2019

We give you the break-even ang bao rates for lowest possible wedding banquet packages held in hotel or restaurant in 2019. How we derive the following wedding ang bao rates is to first identifying the lowest possible wedding banquet package for each of the hotel and restaurant listed below and then divide by the number

How much Ang Bao to pack for Housewarming?

It is easy to define the ang bao rates for wedding. All you need to find out this how much the couple paid for the wedding banquet per table and then divide by the number of pax per table. All these wedding banquet rates for each hotel can be easily found online. How about ang

Garden by the Bay Wedding packages and Ang bao Rates 2018 / 2019

Many of our readers like to find out what is the wedding package and estimated wedding ang bao rates for Garden by the Bay in 2018 / 2019. Following is an estimated. Following are chinese wedding packages catered by Peach Garden. Rental of Flower Field Hall (1,200sqm) $15,800+ Pearl Chinese Set Dinner $988++ per table of

Sea Scent Restaurant @ Keppel Club Wedding Packages and Ang bao Rates 2018 / 2019

Following is the wedding packages price and estimated wedding ang bao rates for 2018 / 2019 at Sea Scent Restaurant at Keppel Club. 5 course western plating $88++ Venue rental $1888++ Deco $1888++ 30l beer $550++ unlimted beer $38++/pax Based on 200 paxs, average $135/pax on Sat and Sun (based on 3x barrel of beer).

How much Ang bao to give for Wedding lunch 2018

Wedding lunch is getting more and more popular these days so how much ang bao to pack if you are attending one? We provide you the answer by providing the break-even wedding ang bao rates by using the wedding lunch banquet prices for each of the hotel listed below. Generally, wedding lunch doesn’t come cheap

Wedding Ang Bao Rates 2018

If you are wondering how much you need to pack for an upcoming wedding in 2018, check out the latest break-even point for your wedding host below. On how we come out with the wedding ang bao rates below, we take the total cost per table after factoring the service charges and GST and then

Wedding Ang Bao Rates 2017

If you are attending a wedding banquet and is wondering what is the wedding ang pow rates. Check out the latest wedding ang bao rates for 2017 below. For 2017, we decided to do it a little different compared to 2016. Firstly, instead of telling you how much you should be packing, we let you

Ang Bao Rates for Wedding Tea Ceremony

Following are some questions that were raised when it comes to ang bao rates for wedding tea ceremony. There is no right or wrong answers to the following questions but following are what that are commonly practiced. What is the market rates for ang bao for tea ceremony? Honestly there is no market rates for

The “Real” Wedding Ang Bao Rates

Here at, we often get emails from hotels and couples reminding us that the rates we publish is wrong and that we should update to the by using the latest wedding banquet price list. You see that is the pitfall that result in most paying more that you should be packing for wedding ang